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We at Caribbean Dream Living understand that each individual investor’s situation is unique and with that comes a need for a ‘Customized’/’Personalized’ need when it comes to your property(ies). 


We understand that some investors have ‘most’ services already covered and are simply looking for someone to open the door for their guests, give them a friendly welcome and provide recommendations while in town yet other investors may require/desire a full array of services.  For this reason we thrive to create a customized management plan unique to each client.


Only pay for the services you need/desire!!!


Our clients have the option of choosing the full scope of our management services or can opt for one or two specific services. The great thing is that even if you only choose a few services with us, we will still provide your renters/vacationers with our Guest Extra Services such as transportation, excursion booking, maid service, spa etc.


  1. Fill in Our Questionnaire (here you will also find our information booklet that explains each service in more detail)
  2. Receive a personalized estimated quote (within 24 hours) and arrange a phone or in person meeting (if possible and preferably at the property), to discuss any further questions or details pertaining to your unique situation
  3. Arrange to sign the customized contract
  4. Depending on your unique service choices we will visit your property to do a full inspection of inventory and specify additional needs to prepare for rent, take photos, post online in the many channels available, open bank accounts etc.