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⭐ Our Story ⭐ Caribbean Dream Living

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Our Journey !!!

Dreams CAN come true and WE are living proof of that !!!

Our story goes back 15 years when we met in the place most people call the “Mayan Paradise”!!! Yes it is true. We met, we kissed, we fell…………and a few months later we were married!!!

A Mexican born Canadian (Carlos) and a Romanian born Canadian (GeorgiAna) tying the knot in Mexico and travelling throughout the country while continuing to explore each other’s dreams and aspirations. So many adventures in the different places we stayed or visited, some fun and some not so fun… we overflowed toilets, showered with cockroaches, visited zoos and planetariums and animal ranches, Mexico City adventures and concerts etc. Not your typical honeymoon one might say, however a great way to get to know each other better!!!! 😉

We didn’t want it all to end and we promised each other we would one day COME BACK to the one place that stole both of our hearts….. the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula!

We arrived back to Toronto even more excited than when we left and started planning our religious wedding for the following year.

Our second wedding was the complete opposite of the 1st and just as much fun. In Summary:
1. A DJ; 2. A Romanian singer; 3. Mariachi; 4. Mexican dancers; 5. Food/Deserts 6. Alcohol!

There was not a dull moment!

Our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta was phenomenal and we came back to shortly find out we were going to be parents.

The next few years were extremely fun and challenging in so many ways as we welcomed our 2 boys 4 years apart and became a soccer fanatic family. Well….we always were but now X2.

As the years were passing us by, one in Real Estate and the other managing bank branches in the Downtown Financial district, we started looking back at our promise to each other and wondering how to give our boys a less electronic and more active lifestyle surrounded by Mother Nature.

And so……WE decided to make our life what WE wanted it to be. We wanted the Paradise we met in. Where all our dreams began! And we wanted to share it with our children. We wanted to have TIME for our boys…quality time and show them that life is so much more than work and school. That it’s not about the money. That happiness comes from within and only WE can decide to be happy! Happiness is a choice and Life is a JOURNEY not a Destination!

So we swallowed our fears and moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!!! 24 luggages, 2 boys and a bearded dragon! Along with a recently rescued pup, WE are whole! <3

While I, Carlos, am still licensed as a Realtor in Ontario and will continue to be, I am now an AMPI registered Realtor in the Riviera Maya……OUR PLACE OF PARADISE ! And I, Georgiana, am managing and renting properties instead of branches 😉

We have met so many wonderful people from all over the world and feel so blessed to have made memories along the way. Thank you to all of our clients and guests for your referrals and we are honored to have earned your trust and respect.

Living the dream with our amazing boys made our challenging yet fun journey all worth it and we have learned so much along the way.

Hope you enjoyed OUR story and you trust us and our experience to help you with yours when YOUR time is right!

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you just want to meet up for a cold drink while in town!

Life is short! Live it up! You’re Worth It!